About Us

eMerge IT Solutions – an IT company who are here to help. Australian owned and operated, eMerge ITS was founded in 2007. Coming out of North Queensland and now with offices in Katherine NT, Perth WA and Cairns Qld, we are very aware of the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in remote areas. Understanding what makes a business unique is a priority for us and has seen eMerge ITS build a client base that includes several international customers. This growth has led to the company providing support services across Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory as well as in Europe, Japan, Africa, South America and the USA. Our customers represent a variety of industry sectors including medical/health services, education, global mining companies and local government. We offer a complete suite of IT networking services that are both preventative and responsive. eMerge ITS will work to keep your business operating without interruption and focus on minimising lost time and data. Our technicians are highly trained with qualifications from Microsoft, Cisco and VMware to name a few. They keep abreast of technological advancements and thrive on staying ahead of the game. What’s more, it is these technicians that you’ll speak to when you call our Helpdesk, enabling a streamlined efficient process from problem to solution. Our friendly team will help your business with typical day-to-day problems as well as more uncommon technology issues. We understand how important it is that your staff receive priority to repair the tools they need to maintain optimum productivity in your business. Our technicians save time by first attempting to fix an issue remotely, only resorting to a physical visit if necessary.